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AI2EAR Professional Development Cohort

The mission of AI2EAR is to enable long-term global food security and safety by accelerating collaboration between all the necessary disciplinary thought leaders and provide a framework for the sharing of critical resources and information needed to drive innovation.

The International Collaboration to Accelerate Integration of Engineering, Plant Sciences, & Agricultural Research using Artificial Intelligence, AI2EAR, is excited to announce a professional development training available to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars this Spring 2024. Training will consist of three 90-minute virtual meetings and a two-day gathering on the campus of NC State University on Jan-Feb-Mar?? led by Dr. Rebecca Dunning. Transportation within the U.S. to the NC State campus, lodging, most meals and any costs associated with the training will be covered by AI2EAR.


The fall 2022 professional development will focus on two primary topics:

  1. communications, both interpersonal (having difficult conversations, giving feedback) and presentation (to scientific and non-scientific audiences)

  2. self-awareness and self-management (identification of strengths and communication/work styles, creation of a Professional Development Plan)



Graduate students or post-docs should be associated with one of the AI2EAR network members and be willing to do the following: Participate in three 90-minute online meetings, one in August and two in Oct and Nov of 2022.

  • Complete two assessments related to their strengths and communication and work styles.

  • Attend the in-person session September 26 and 27 in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Arriving Sept 25 and departing Sept 28). (to be defined)

  • Complete a Professional Development Plan by the final online meeting in November.


Application Due Date - August 10

Selection Decision - August 15

Number of slots available - 20 participants (Rebecca said that we should have at least 15 people attending)

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