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Communication Plan

Joann Keyton et al.

To expand our reach with free worldwide access, the Project Coordinator, staff within CALS International Programs, and designated postdocs or comparable person at each Network is being tasked with developing communication protocols for large scale group interaction (eg., annual workshop) as well as day-to-day inter, intra-team conversations, using communication tools such as Zoom, Slack and Twitter. Following formally scheduled meetings, and importantly, after each workshop, AI2EAR facilitating teams, and appointed or emergent science teams, are being required to respond to a 1-minute video, phone and/ or slack chat survey.

Each attendee are being asked:

  1. “What did you learn in this meeting?”

  2. “What is unclear to you from this workshop?” 

  3. “Did you speak in this workshop?” These three questions allow meeting analysis regarding collaboration and the spread of information across the networks.

Post-meeting analysis is focusing on: 


  1. “Were the in-person attendees the right people at the workshop?”

  2. “Were the general presentations and breakout sessions used for discussion and problem-solving, appointment of tasks, conflict management, and/or decision making”,

  3. “Did the workshop conclude with clear articulation and documented next steps?”. These questions engage members and provide information about their self-assessment of identity and engagement as an AI2EAR team member. 

AI2EAR is also employing analytical tools such as DIRECT36 and VOS Viewer37, and Cognitive Work Analysis38–40 to: 

  1. conduct a socio-organizational analysis to identify strategies for effective communication during planning meetings and discussions;

  2. identify team member competencies and match them based on AI2EAR needs;

  3.  establish cultural and expertise heterogeneity across networks to mitigate geographic location, disciplines, and/ or cultural challenges.


These data are being used to develop communication networks among AI2EAR members. Semi-annually, a “here’s where we are “memo will be distributed among all individuals working on or funded by the grant.

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