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AI2EAR - Midterm Meeting

AI2EAR - Midterm Meeting Summary 3/30/2022

Progress Report

  • AI2EAR website is complete and equipped with a forum for posting opportunities and network communication

  • New networks have joined AI2EAR: 

    • STEPS, Science, and technologies for phosphorus sustainability

    • TRIIP, Transcription regulation initiative in plants

    • EUFRULAND, Evolution of genetic network required for fruit and fruit-like structures development of land plants

  • Applications for student opportunities are posted on the website

    • Mini-Research Grant - funding for a student/postdoc to go to research in a network members lab

      • One student accepted from STEPS network

      • Applications are open - encourage your students to apply! 

    • Bridge Program - summer program for recently accepted NC State graduate students to get to know the campus through research experience and mentorship to promote success of their future graduate studies

      • In the process of preparing pairings of students and labs - encourage your students to apply! Also - if you would like to host a student in your lab, please also reach out to the project manager -

    • Travel Grant - funding for students/researchers to travel to workshops/seminars.

    • Preparation for each of these programs has taken place through multiple meetings and resource sharing. Coordination for successful travel including managing travel restrictions taking place.

  • Social media launched on twitter April 1st. Follow us @AI2EAR to stay up to date on opportunities and events.

What’s Next for AI2EAR?

  • Submitting an opinion paper to a social science journal about:

    • what broadening participation is and can look like in STEM/Agriculture fields

    • detailing what AI2EAR is doing to provide a culture of inclusion to model this

  • Asking for participation from networks either in writing, editing, or an interview on your personal experience with diversity and inclusion in your lab/in the field

If you have any questions or would like to participate in any of these opportunities - please email the project manager at

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